Alvear Palace Hotel


Special Treatments

Our treatments start in our well being circuit [a combination of sauna and steam baths, pressure showers, sensations path and our revitalizing pool].

Moment for Two

Your time together starts with an invigorating salt polish leaves the whole body glowing and renewed to then drift away with the delicate perfumes of a relaxing aromatherapy massage enjoyed side by side. Soak in a warm hydrating bath to later end off this romantic ritual with a full body hydration.

Duration: 4 hours.

Stress relief

Your first treatment is a massage of choice to let go of any tension, to be followed by an aromatic hydrotherapy bath soak and hydrating facial.
End off your day with a top to toe, Spa manicure and pedicure.

Duration: 4:45 hours.

Mini spa day

This plan begins with our well being circuit [a combination of sauna and steam baths, pressure showers, sensations path and our vitality pool], Fitness, Kinesis and two body programs of choice [45 minutes each].


A pampering yet very effective program to aid in detoxification and to completely revitalize the body.
An invigorating salt polish will renew the skin and stimulate the body, preparing it for your cover algae treatment, a warm mixture of cleansing algae and paraffin is applied to problem areas. A combination of active products and manual lymphatic drainage begins your detox process. Later soak in natural algae salts to help purify the body. Your day is topped off with a massage treatment of choice.

Duration: 4:45 hours.

Alvear Experience

Your treatments start with a softening milk and rose petal immersion to later let your senses go with a four hand massage, two therapists working together in absolute synchrony. Then end off your experience with our golden treatment, consisting of a hydrating facial, renewing body polish and body hydration.

[A glass of sparkling wine included].

Duration: 4:45 hours.

Reservations and information: 4808-2145

To crown this experience, a hydro-massage circuit allows for a well-deserved relaxation session.


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