Alvear Palace Hotel


Social Commitment

Alvear Palace Hotel is highly committed to improving the social, economic and environmental condition of the society of which it is part of.

Social Commitment not only involves the compliance and respect to laws and norms but it also implies our time, effort and dedication to achieving the growth of all of us as a community. The Alvear Palace Hotel's volunteer program was founded in 2006 with the aim of making a contribution towards the improvement of certain deprived sectors of our country.

The team was formed with a group of employees from different areas who cooperate in a committed and passionate manner, contributing their time, energy and expertise as hotel professionals.

Since the organization's philosophy matches our supportive actions, it generates great excitement and unique and unforgettable experiences for the needy children and their families. We seek to generate social awareness of our surroundings and focus our work on subjects that concern us such as poverty and education among children.

The fact that the Alvear Palace Hotel is a leader in the social history of Argentina fills us with pride and a great sense of responsibility as members of this organization.

We are committed to the efficient and rational administration of natural resources and, in line with our business philosophy, the Alvear Palace Hotel develops quality, occupational safety and health, and environmental policies.

While contributing to the preservation of non-renewable resources, we work and consult on ways to improve our processes and products; adopting sustainable practices, generating strategic measures such as the active promotion of recycling, reduction of water and energy consumption, and waste treatment.

We believe in the importance of awakening environmental interest, appreciating the responsibility of the Hotel within the community, and implementing all proactive measures in our power that may contribute to promote eco-consciousness.